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At ADVA, reducing environmental impact is fundamental to everything we do. For many years, we’ve focused on improving the sustainability of our products at every lifecycle stage, from radical initiatives to reduce the carbon footprint of our supply chain to circular economy ecodesign processes that enable efficient disassembly for optimized recycling ...
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Posted by Dean Anthony Gratton on November 05, 2019

Something has happened to the smart metering rollout here in the United Kingdom and, whilst I don’t necessarily want to be the bearer of bad news, it seems things have gone a little skew-whiff.

With an aggressive eagerness to achieve their carbon budget, the British government’s Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) created an ambitious project with a challenging timeframe for both manufacturers and utilities to develop, manufacture, deliver and install smart meters across homes and businesses by 2020. The government, along with the utility companies, felt that if consumers and businesses became more aware of their energy use they would, in turn, begin to reduce their consumption ...

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Smart farming refers to a new way to manage farms using modern information and communications technologies to increase the quantity and quality of agricultural products, improve efficiencies and productivity, as well as reduce costs. By leveraging the capabilities of the internet of things (IoT), smart farming can utilize technologies such as sensors, software, connectivity, location information, automation and data analytics, to make farming processes data-driven and data-enabled. With IoT, farmers can monitor field conditions without even going to the field and make strategic decisions for the whole farm, a particular crop or even a single plant (or animal), if necessary ...

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