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Technically Speaking is an online community for those interested in the networking industry. Within these pages you will find insight and comments on the latest hot topics and industry concerns. Written by industry experts and ADVA's technologists, this blog is designed to engage discussion and drive thought.

A Cole image
Arthur Cole

Hi-Tech Communications Journalist

Anthony Magee image
Anthony Magee

Principal Engineer Advanced Technology, ADVA

Andrew Straw image
Andrew Straw

Senior Systems Consultant, ADVA

Alan Weckel image
Alan Weckel

Technology Analyst at 650 Group

Brian Protiva image
Brian Protiva

Chief Executive Officer, ADVA

Carl Weinschenk
Carl Weinschenk

IT and Telecommunications Journalist

Dean Anthony Gratton image
Dean Anthony Gratton

Bestselling Author and Columnist

Danish Rafique image
Danish Rafique

Principal Engineer, Advanced Technology, ADVA

Gareth Spence image
Gareth Spence

Director Corporate Communications & Online Strategies, ADVA

Gil Biran
Gil Biran

SVP and General Manager, Oscilloquartz

J Messenger image
John Messenger

Director R&D Global Standards

J P Elbers image
Jörg-Peter Elbers

VP Advanced Technology, ADVA

Kenneth Hann

Director, R&D, Oscilloquartz

M Eiselt image
Michael Eiselt

Director R&D Advanced Technology, ADVA

Nir Laufer
Nir Laufer

Director of Product Line Management, Oscilloquartz

Odd Sandbekkhaug
Odd Sandbekkhaug

Senior Director of Service Innovation, ADVA

Paul Morkel image
Paul Morkel

Senior Director of Network Architecture, ADVA

Prayson Pate image
Prayson Pate

CTO, Edge Cloud, ADVA

Raj Nagabhushan
Rajendra Nagabhushan

Senior Staff Engineer, ADVA

S Neidlinger image
Stephan Neidlinger

Vice President ASM, ADVA

Stephan Rettenberger image
Stephan Rettenberger

Vice President Marketing, ADVA

Teresa Mastrangelo image
Teresa Mastrangelo

Principal Analyst

Ulrich Kohn image
Ulrich Kohn

Director Technical Marketing, ADVA