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Posted by Arthur Cole on September 25, 2019

One of the more significant aspects of the transition to 5G communications is the aggregate network that will backhaul traffic to centralized processing resources. 5G traffic is expected to be substantial, after all, which means it will be necessary to upgrade network infrastructure from the edge to the mainframe and back.

The challenge, however, is in knowing where to boost aggregate bandwidth, and how. It stands to reason that urban areas will likely see more 5G traffic than rural – everything from autonomous cars to smart sneakers. At the same time, many of these new services will require far higher levels of reliability and availability than most mobile network operators (MNOs) are used to, which means equipment at the cell site will have to be increasingly sophisticated, even intelligent, as the market evolves ...

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Amid all of the technological and architectural changes taking place in data infrastructure heading into 2019, the elephant in the room is the internet of things. Even without the prospect of millions – no, billions – of connected devices feeding data back to processing centers, and vice versa, the world was on a trajectory of exponentially larger volumes every year. Now, that process has been kicked into even higher gear, and networks are on the front lines in the effort to keep it all on track ...

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