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With over 25 years industry experience, Teresa Mastrangelo is regarded as one of the leading analysts covering broadband infrastructure and services, multi-screen, VoIP and Smart Grid. As Principal Analyst at Broadbandtrends LLC, Teresa works as a consultant to equipment manufacturers, service providers, financial analysts and venture capital firms, identifying emerging trends, new market opportunities and advising on product positioning, market development and business plans.

The age of Covid-19 has brought about a host of new requirements that will play critical roles for countries, cities, and businesses as they reopen as part of a new normal. As such, IoT and mobile apps will take on increasingly important roles as part of technology solutions that monitor and regulate the movement of people, vehicles and assets to ensure public safety. Additionally, solutions that address personal and health tracking will be in high demand as the pandemic is expected to be a part of our lives for the coming years ...

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With more than three billion smartphone users across the globe, governments have a unique opportunity to gather data to map the whereabouts of the population. This has become a particularly valuable tool in the fight to track and slow the spread of Covid-19. However, with stringent privacy laws found in many countries, the question is: Does a global pandemic supersede these laws? And if so, what happens after the crisis is over? 

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It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to notice that our cities are getting more crowded – particularly at the curb. Once used by payphone booths and newspaper kiosks, the curb has become the prime area for the congregation of “micro-mobility” options such as e-scooters, e-bikes, rideshare services, as well as old-school mainstays which include taxis, delivery vehicles, public transportation and, oh yeah … pedestrians ...
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Posted by Teresa Mastrangelo on November 01, 2019

When IPTV services entered the market nearly 20 years ago, there was considerable excitement around the possibility to “personalize” your television service or perhaps even have à la carte options for channels. However, we quickly learned the evil ways of content packaging, which rendered the à la carte option moot.

However, with the rise of streaming services – most notably Netflix – the industry began to experience a shift in how consumers viewed (or chose to view) their content. This initially led to the first wave of cord-cutters, followed by cord-shavers (switching to a cheaper package of channels) and eventually to cord-nevers (young people who have grown accustomed to watching shows only online and will likely never subscribe to pay television services) ...

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