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Posted by Dean Anthony Gratton on October 04, 2019

What happened? Did I blink too fast or has 20 years indeed passed since the first 802.11b standard was introduced in 1999?

Yep, I’ve just checked – my “salt and pepper” hairline is testimony to how 20 years have sped along without due care and attention and have surprisingly avoided a speeding ticket. 2019 stamps 20 years of Wi-Fi connectivity and I wonder what did we ever do without it?

Actually, I do remember what we did: We connected our computers and other peripheral equipment over a local area network (LAN) using Ethernet, forming the most essential of computer networks! You may recall that one of the primary reasons Wi-Fi was introduced was to simplify connectivity. More so, when Ethernet cabling proved too troublesome to deploy, Wi-Fi became a wonderful alternative to resolving connectivity in those typically challenging places to reach ...

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It’s become second nature – an instinctive behavioral modern-day trait, if you like. Yes, we seek ‘Wi-Fi’. Admit it, we’re all guilty of seeking that all-important connection, irrespective of our location and context; I mean context, in terms of whether we are at a social or business event – it doesn’t matter, we simply forego all etiquette – we need it ...

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Infrared lasers have been a staple of optical fiber communications for some time, both for local and long-haul communications. Now, it seems research is turning toward taking the fiber out of the equation by establishing direct infrared connectivity over the air ...
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