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Wi-Fi has greatly improved over the years and last year we celebrated 20 years of the technology in 20 years of Wi-Fi: What did we ever do without it? I moved home several months ago, before lockdown happened. I perhaps naively thought that my Wi-Fi know-how would allow me to move in and get the ball rolling in terms of seamless connectivity across my new home, something I had successfully managed to provide in my previous residence ...

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Posted by Dean Anthony Gratton on July 01, 2019

In last month’s column, “Artificial intelligence: I think therefore I am?,” I felt I only scratched the surface of what we understand to be artificial intelligence (AI) and, in this month’s post, I want to expand my thoughts a little further.

So, last month, I suggested that what we understand today as “AI” is nothing more than clever programming and smart technology and, I dare say, that’s largely true, despite others suggesting otherwise. We don’t have thinking machines, since software engineers have programmed our technology to behave in a pre-determined manner, along with predefined behaviors and outcomes ...

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The technology, media and telecommunications (TMT) industries cover a broad range of digital sins, which touch upon most, if not all, aspects of our everyday lives. The TMT sector is currently booming with unparalleled growth, diversity and convergence which, in turn, disrupts traditional business models and warps our once traditional way-of-working. In fact, TMT is singularly responsible for introducing a whole new way of thinking and there’s nothing wrong with that ...
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