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Posted by Dean Anthony Gratton on June 05, 2019

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been bandied around for the last few decades or so and, I’m sure, most of us are still wondering: What exactly is this?

So, will we be faced with an army of Terminator-like humanoids who will reign terror across the world? Nah, we’re already effortlessly doing that all by ourselves! Will we witness “I, Robot”-like humanoids attending to our homecare needs – you know, washing, ironing, cooking and the like? Nah, I already have a wife that’s dutifully doing that. Okay, stop – I know I shouldn’t go there – just one small footnote though: My wife, Sarah, isn’t remotely domesticated, although she does cook once in a while ...

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Smart farming refers to a new way to manage farms using modern information and communications technologies to increase the quantity and quality of agricultural products, improve efficiencies and productivity, as well as reduce costs. By leveraging the capabilities of the internet of things (IoT), smart farming can utilize technologies such as sensors, software, connectivity, location information, automation and data analytics, to make farming processes data-driven and data-enabled. With IoT, farmers can monitor field conditions without even going to the field and make strategic decisions for the whole farm, a particular crop or even a single plant (or animal), if necessary ...

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The technology, media and telecommunications (TMT) industries cover a broad range of digital sins, which touch upon most, if not all, aspects of our everyday lives. The TMT sector is currently booming with unparalleled growth, diversity and convergence which, in turn, disrupts traditional business models and warps our once traditional way-of-working. In fact, TMT is singularly responsible for introducing a whole new way of thinking and there’s nothing wrong with that ...
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