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Enterprise infrastructure has become increasingly dependent on the cloud, which is naturally leading to growing concerns about data security.

While the cloud in many ways offers better security than the traditional on-premises data center, this should not obscure the fact that complex architectures tend to have more vulnerabilities than simple ones, and the cloud is nothing if not complex ...

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Posted by Prayson Pate on June 10, 2019

Software-defined wide area network (SD-WAN) is the host application driving transformation at the edge of the network. Enterprises and telcos are replacing closed SD-WAN and other appliances with virtualized software implementations running on universal customer premises equipment (uCPE), which is often standard servers from leading manufacturers ...

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Moving applications and data into public clouds is an easy way for enterprises to simplify cooperation among geographically dispersed teams and use compute and storage resources in a more efficient way. But those advantages come at a price. Transporting data from secured premises into the private cloud is risky, as is, sharing compute and storage resources with other stakeholders. The business advantages are difficult to weigh up against the risk, leading to time-consuming evaluations, and delaying a business step with huge potential Providers of public cloud services need to assure security and integrity of customer data if they want to get enterprises to move their data from enterprise sites and private clouds into public clouds ...

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