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Posted by Dean Anthony Gratton on September 03, 2019
Let’s face it, artificial intelligence (AI) is a confused subject with the industry currently exaggerating its role, purpose and capabilities. We are all still scratching our heads wondering if the world will have to endure a society of robots with their associated “robot rights” and, of course, there’s the fear that they may render humanity pointless ...
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As networks evolve and grow, many customers are looking to gain key insight and actionable events from what they learn. Currently, the market is mostly using telemetry data and basic machine learning (ML) to analyze that data. Leading edge cloud providers have gone a step further and are using artificial intelligence (AI) to predict better and adapt networks. The advantage is clear; AI allows networks to operate more efficiently and with higher utilization. I expect to see AI rapidly moving into enterprise and service provider (SP) networks as they adopt AI to enhance their networks and the user experience ...

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