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The first few months of 2018 has led to great leaps in the US cloud hyperscalers in terms of deployments and testing of next-generation solutions, such as 400Gbit/s. However, Chinese hyperscalers are building their infrastructure with notable differences, some of which are materializing in the type of equipment being deployed. While this has often been attributed to a technological gap with Western cloud providers, I believe some of the difference is actually driven by physical limitations of the cloud in China. Three major differences have emerged in the past six months ...

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Posted by Alan Weckel on April 26, 2018

400Gbit/s products for the data center made significant strides at both the OFC and OCP show compared to what was shown just a year ago. During the first few months of 2017, 400Gbit/s became a popular topic for data center networking, but many of the demos were limited in nature with test board demos instead of working products. In 2018, that changed significantly, the technology matured and demonstrations of working products were abundant. We saw multiple system and component vendors demonstrating working systems based on 56Gbit/s SERDES and real optics ...

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