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Posted by Ulrich Kohn on March 27, 2020

We’ve seen tremendous progress in DSL and microwave technology for high-bandwidth transmission. Both domains achieved high speeds by leveraging very advanced modulation technologies and by utilizing more spectrum and higher frequencies. Today, Gbit/s transmission over copper cable is possible by using a broad 200MHz spectrum in combination with vectoring and a very advanced modulation scheme. Similarly, microwave radio systems utilizing 2.5GHz spectral width in the E-band can even achieve 10Gbit/s bandwidth, albeit at a significantly higher price point ...

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Telco operators and enterprises are working to enjoy the benefits of the cloud. Initially, this was focused on data center applications. But now this trend includes hosting at the customer site, as well as in the telco network. We call this approach edge cloud. A specific application of edge cloud is universal CPE (uCPE). That’s where an open server and software replace a stack of fixed-function networking devices ...
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