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At ADVA, reducing environmental impact is fundamental to everything we do. For many years, we’ve focused on improving the sustainability of our products at every lifecycle stage, from radical initiatives to reduce the carbon footprint of our supply chain to circular economy ecodesign processes that enable efficient disassembly for optimized recycling ...
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Perhaps no network is as critical to the world economy as the power grid. Without electricity, after all, there is no data, no connectivity, not even (gasp!) Netflix.

Increasingly, electric utilities are transitioning to smart power grids to enhance efficiency and drive down costs. By implementing two-way communications between smart devices in the field and centralized data facilities, and then coupling that with intelligent analytics, operators gain unprecedented insight into consumption patterns, grid performance and other metrics to ensure optimal levels of operation at all times ...

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Posted by Dean Anthony Gratton on September 03, 2019
Let’s face it, artificial intelligence (AI) is a confused subject with the industry currently exaggerating its role, purpose and capabilities. We are all still scratching our heads wondering if the world will have to endure a society of robots with their associated “robot rights” and, of course, there’s the fear that they may render humanity pointless ...
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