The International Timing & Sync Forum (ITSF) comes round every November. This year the setting was Warsaw, Poland, where more synchronization specialists than ever before gathered to exchange the latest ideas and create new synergies. Once again, Oscilloquartz played a key role in the event’s workshops, presentations and showcases. Across the three days, my colleagues and I were able to demonstrate the comprehensive capabilities of our timing toolkit to meet all network synchronization requirements, from syncing radio access network and small cells to enabling communication service providers to deliver time as a service.

My presentation explained how a new level of precision and flexibility can be achieved by locating a “sync pill” (a miniature grandmaster and PRTC in SFP) closer to the end application in various use cases. Jörg Urban outlined how to build an independent system for distributing time as a service in communication networks – a vital tool for next-generation services and more valuable SLAs. Meanwhile, Kenneth Hann showed how our solutions achieve phenomenal accuracy indoors and in urban canyons without a full clear sky view of GNSS. And Alain Michaud discussed our advances in the development of an optically pumped cesium clock, which offers massive improvements in stability compared to currently used techniques and could be utilized to build the enhanced primary time clocks.

As well as our presentations, our team hosted a walk through the historic city of Warsaw that included a vodka tasting session and ended with a food and drinks reception where our general manager, Gil Biran, gave a speech. What’s more, ITSF delegates were able to see live demonstrations of our complete set of Oscilloquartz synchronization solutions. The showcases featured the smallest available PTP grandmaster, the OSA 5401 SFP syncplug. Also on display was the world’s first indoor window-mounted GNSS antenna and PTP grandmaster, the OSA 5405, as well as the OSA 5420 Series, our “synchronization Swiss army knife.” With our unique family of devices, we’re making precise, resilient and affordable timing available for organizations across every industry. It was great to be able to show the global sync community how much we’ve achieved and we’re already excited about what we have in store for next year.