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As Director of Technical Marketing, Ulrich Kohn translates market requirements into highly competitive solutions based on ADVA Optical Networking products. With global experience in communication systems for Fixed & Mobile as well as enterprises and governments, Ulrich is familiar with the challenges and pain points of today’s networks and is able to show how the latest technology provides answers and an economic, future-proof path forward.

Posted by Ulrich Kohn on October 09, 2019

In the past, I was forced to limit the size of my mail folder. Now those days are gone. The relative costs of storage versus manual deleting have changed. Today it’s cheaper to keep information rather than spend the time deleting it and occasionally experiencing issues with lost data. What’s more, it’s now easy to rapidly expand storage and compute capacity by allocating it to resources in the cloud on demand and in real time. All you need is a fast and secure connection to the data center ...

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Cable network operators have begun modernizing their infrastructure by extending fiber as deeply as possible. The trend to push fiber ever closer to the end user, in conjunction with distributed access architecture (DAA), is transforming cable networks and providing higher bandwidth capacity, improved customer quality of experience and access to advanced applications ...

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Moving applications and data into public clouds is an easy way for enterprises to simplify cooperation among geographically dispersed teams and use compute and storage resources in a more efficient way. But those advantages come at a price. Transporting data from secured premises into the private cloud is risky, as is, sharing compute and storage resources with other stakeholders. The business advantages are difficult to weigh up against the risk, leading to time-consuming evaluations, and delaying a business step with huge potential Providers of public cloud services need to assure security and integrity of customer data if they want to get enterprises to move their data from enterprise sites and private clouds into public clouds ...

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Keeping mobile networks on track is no easy task as they evolve from 2G to 3G to LTE and finally 5G. Each mobile radio innovation comes with additional requirements for the underlying transport network, resulting in new interface cards or replacement of transport network devices. This constant change creates pain for the network design teams and service teams, not to mention significant cost. A new approach for transport network evolution is overdue ...
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