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Dr. Stephan Neidlinger plays a key role in promoting and shaping the company’s innovative portfolio. As Vice President, Application & Solution Management, Stephan is responsible for creating and managing ADVA Optical Networking's solutions, effectively positioning them in the marketplace and developing the company’s position as an industry leader.

For many years, network engineers had a dream. Their vision was that one day a network's operations and management would be driven by its applications. Today, with software-defined networking (SDN), that dream is finally becoming reality. ADVA Optical Networking recently played a key role in a major European multi-layer multi-vendor SDN field trial that was proof of this. The demonstration highlighted some of the key achievements of the past few months. As well as use cases like traffic optimization and multi-layer re-routing following cable breaks, the most significant breakthrough was the utilization of an SDN architecture in real-world production networks. Juniper Networks and ADVA Optical Networking had already demonstrated packet optical multi-layer coordination at SDN OpenFlow World Congress in Düsseldorf, Germany in October 2015. In that showcase ...
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I believe that IP/Optical integrated network solutions are working and available from a technical perspective these days. Indeed, companies have shown and tested colored optical router interface interworking with DWDM transport systems, control plane interworking for automated service set-up and network restoration, and integration of router and optical transport domains into a common network management platform. However, I think that there are other non-technical challenges that are blocking the introduction of integrated solutions.
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