About Kenneth Hann


Kenneth Hann is senior director of research and development at Oscilloquartz. Prior to his current role, he was CEO of synchronization specialists Time4 Systems, a company he founded in Finland. He has also managed engineering teams at Nokia and worked at Tellabs, leading pioneering developments in synchronization for telecommunications.

Synchronization is now an enabler for many high-value services. In the case of new mobile technologies, it’s even a prerequisite for service availability. Quite simply – if you don’t have sync you don’t have service! Synchronization enables business and if ever the flow of dollars is stopped someone will pay. With this kind of value attached, it’s no surprise that there’s so much interest both in the provision of synchronization as a service and in monitoring the service quality ...

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Our lives need to be synchronized. We text, tweet, talk, watch and listen around the clock. And, it’s all because we want to be in sync. We like to think we’re sharing data, but consider for a moment the content of our messages. “Having coffee in Starbucks.” “Eating ice cream.” Or, we send a selfie and no text is necessary. I believe these messages are sent not for their data content but because of our need for synchronization ...

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