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Brian Protiva is one of the networking industry’s leading voices. As the CEO and co-founder of ADVA Optical Networking, Brian has shaped the company’s success and vision for two decades. Under his leadership, ADVA Optical Networking has become the global market leader in Ethernet access devices and one of the top players in Wavelength Division Multiplexing.

The mobile industry stands on the precipice of one of the biggest changes it's ever encountered. The actions mobile network operators (MNOs) take now will not only directly impact their customers but will also dramatically impact their bottom line. There's no escaping this shift. Mobile data is a Pandora’s box and now that it's opened there's no going back. People want more mobile data and they want it faster. The key question is how will MNOs continue to meet customers’ expectations. And this is where the enormous change is about to happen. The reason for this change is LTE-Advanced (LTE-A).
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Earlier this year, I gave one of the biggest keynotes of my career at OFC/NFOEC. The focus was whether or not the optical networking industry has lost its mojo. At the time, I didn't realize how many conversations this topic would start. Since then, thousands of people have watched the video of my keynote and reviewed the supporting slides. What's more, people continue to start discussions with me on this topic.
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