About Benjamin Wohlfeil

Benjamin Wohlfeil

Benjamin is a research and development engineer in the field of integrated optics. As coordinator of the PEARLS project, he's helping ADVA lead a consortium of partners to create advanced optical transceiver chiplets for enhanced density, flexibility and efficiency in data center interconnect networks.

Integrating a laser onto a silicon electro-photonic integrated chip is the current holy grail in the optical transceiver space. When realized, these advanced semiconductors will help the DCI networking industry tackle critical issues around cost-efficiency, power consumption, and thermal management for optical transceivers. But the addition of a laser to silicon chips that already feature monolithic integration of electronics and photonics presents several challenges. That’s why a multi-disciplinary team of engineers from across the supply chain are combining skills and resources under the banner of the Photonic Embedding of Active Region Laser Chips in Silicon (PEARLS) project ...

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