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Alan has been in the networking business for nearly twenty years. He started off working on network design and integration at Raytheon. Recently Alan has been one of the leading market research analysts tracking SDN and data center networking where he is active in creating new market segmentation.

As networks evolve and grow, many customers are looking to gain key insight and actionable events from what they learn. Currently, the market is mostly using telemetry data and basic machine learning (ML) to analyze that data. Leading edge cloud providers have gone a step further and are using artificial intelligence (AI) to predict better and adapt networks. The advantage is clear; AI allows networks to operate more efficiently and with higher utilization. I expect to see AI rapidly moving into enterprise and service provider (SP) networks as they adopt AI to enhance their networks and the user experience ...

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Posted by Alan Weckel on June 18, 2019

The data center market is about to go through a significant upgrade cycle in technology that has implications for how data center buildout designs evolve. Several new technologies are all going to hit the market at the same time. The industry is moving towards 7nm technology across most of the semiconductor space. At the same time, chiplets are moving front and center as an important building block. 112Gbit/s SerDes, custom-built artificial intelligence (AI) chips, and the adoption of PCI Gen4 are about to be adopted ...

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The first few months of 2018 has led to great leaps in the US cloud hyperscalers in terms of deployments and testing of next-generation solutions, such as 400Gbit/s. However, Chinese hyperscalers are building their infrastructure with notable differences, some of which are materializing in the type of equipment being deployed. While this has often been attributed to a technological gap with Western cloud providers, I believe some of the difference is actually driven by physical limitations of the cloud in China. Three major differences have emerged in the past six months ...

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